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Learn Korean PhraseBook


– Korean PhraseBook is the free application which provides the daily Korean sentences of the communication. Using the native speaker and clear pronunciation ensures to be easy for you to understand.
– Recommended for overseas students, tourists and business people who go to travel, study as well as work in Korea.

– Free application.
– 1000+ phrases in 18 categories (Greetings, General Conversation, Numbers, Directions and Places, Transportation, Eating out, Accommodation, Time and Date, Shopping, Colours, Towns and Provinces, Countries, Tourist Attractions, Family, Dating, Emergency, Feeling sick, Tongue Twisters).
– No requirement of the internet connection.
– Save the phrases which are frequently used in the favorite list (easily add/remove).
– Search the expected phrases by the keywords (highlight keywords are very clear to see).
– Repeat a phrase, play all phrases in the category.
– Remember the phrase position after exiting the application.

– Touch on the left of the screen and draw to the right side to open the category. (bé k hiểu câu ni)
– Short click on the item to speak the phrase.
– Long click on the item to repeat or play all phrases again.
– Touch on the star to add/remove the favorite phrase.

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Study Japanese NHK

☆ “Japanese Lessons” is provided by NHK WORLD. NHK WORLD is NHK’s international broadcast service. NHK operates international television, radio and Internet services. Together, they are known as NHK WORLD. In each lesson, you can learn a useful expression through an audio drama. By the time you reach the end of the series, you will have mastered 50 handy expressions!

☆ Introduction of the story: Cuong, the main character in the drama, is a 25-year-old Vietnamese. He was working for an affiliated company of a Japanese electrical appliances manufacturer in Vietnam. After being assigned to the company’s headquarters in Tokyo, he came to Japan for the first time. Although he’s been studying at a Japanese language school in Vietnam, he’s worried whether his language ability is good enough. His colleagues at the Tokyo Headquarters of ABC Electric are waiting to welcome him.

– Smooth interface, easy & comfortable.
– Download/Delete audio lessons.
– Remember text lesson and audio lesson.

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